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We owe a HUGE thanks to everyone who participated in the beta and submitted feedback and bug reports. We hope you enjoy Version 6 and will continue to work with us toward an even better Version 7.


Thank you!



Sketch Effects

We're very happy to announce that Axure RP 6 for PC and Mac are now available for download. This sixth release marks the completion of a new cross-platform architecture that started with Axure RP 5.6 for Mac. This was a huge engineering effort and I can't thank our developers enough. The new architecture is giving us the ability to enhance both the PC and Mac versions efficiently with much more control of the UI. We hope this is the start of amazing things to come.


The download will start a new 30-day trial even if you've tried Axure RP before. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Sometimes it’s tough to get an audience to focus on the information architecture, interactions, and functions of the prototype when things look too finished. We’ve added Sketch Effects to set the “sketchiness”, color/grayscale, font, and increase in border width across all the widgets on a page to give it that hand drawn feel.


Learn more about Sketch Effects.

New Wireframing Tools

Version 6 makes wireframes faster to build and easier to maintain by adding Global and Page Guides, a Location and Size tooltip, Format Painter, ability to Copy and Paste

Annotations, and a new Custom Style engine where custom styles can be applied to rollovers.


And the PC version now has the UI and usability enhancements from Axure RP 5.6 for Mac including the new Interactions Case Editor.


Learn more about Global and Page Guides and the Interactions Case Editor.

Improved Text Editing

We also wanted to improve the text editing and rendering, so we upgraded Axure RP to use WPF in the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0.  The new text engine lets us add text editing at zoomed levels, line spacing, and Open Type Fonts. We also added text padding in shape widgets.

Page Styles

More than once I’ve thought to myself “the only thing preventing this prototype from being just like the production site is centering the page”. Axure RP 6 adds Page Styles to center pages, apply a background color, and set a background image.


Learn more about Page Styles.

Richer Prototypes

Knowing when enough is enough is important when building a prototype, but for those times you need to get closer to the final product, we’ve added Animations for moving and fading, Math and String functions, Drag and Drop interactions, and new Dynamic Panel Events to respond to moving, changes in visibility, and changes in state.


Learn more about Math and String functions, and Dynamic Panel events.

More Specification Control

You’re now able to organize the content, optionally include headers, filter widget tables by annotation values, generate a master usage report, generate all of the widget text, configure column widths for two column layout, and configure the screenshot size. And you can also format the page notes and annotate master instances.


Learn more about Specifications.

AxShare (share.axure.com) and Discussions

AxShare (Beta) now allows you to manage an account of up to 10 active prototypes. It supports RP files (up to 10 MB) created in version 6 or earlier and all generated prototypes will have the version 6 skin.


There is also a new Discuss tab next to the sitemap in the prototype (which you can disable). And also a page for viewing the discussion topics in your AxShare account.


Discussions can also be enabled for prototypes not hosted on AxShare.

If you purchased a license or renewal after January 1, 2010, then Axure RP 6 is a free update for you. If not, you can purchase a renewal. Login to the Customer Portal if you're not sure whether or not your maintenance period expired.


Please note: Version 6 will open and convert files created in previous versions. However, files created in 6.0 will not open in previous versions of Axure RP. To avoid compatibility issues, we recommend that teams upgrade together.

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