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Thread: Repeater-Based Dynamic Cart Content

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    Lightbulb Repeater-Based Dynamic Cart Content

    Hi All,

    I was playing some more with repeaters lately. This time I put together a dynamically updating Cart: a user can remove completely or update the quantity for any item. This then gets reflected in the Cart total.

    To display the cart total at first, this information had to be hard-coded since there seems to be no mechanism allowing to iterate over row data in a repeater. If you found a way to do this, please share it!

    See it live

    Comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome as always!

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    For a solution (well, more of a workaround) to iterating over items in a repeater (a foreach loop in a way), check out my post on this other thread: Finding data from one Repeater to add to second Repeater

    You can easily adapt the principle used there to loop through a repeater to your case of adding up numbers.

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