New Features:

     • Text Links in rich text that can have interactions and annotations

     • Default styles for Text Links including default Mouse Over and Mouse Down styles

     • Rotating shapes and images (not text yet, but hopefully before the final release)

     • Assign Submit Button on form fields so pressing Enter clicks the assigned submit button

     • Pin to Browser on dynamic panels to make fixed position elements

     • Scroll to image map region can be animated

     • Built in variables (like GenMonth) can be used in expressions

     • Expressions can be used for the x and y values in the Move Panel action

     • New built-in variables for drag and drop: DragX, DragY, TotalDragX, TotalDragY, DragTime

     • Can select “value” on the left side of a condition so you can compare one expression to another

     • Text fields and text areas can be transparent

     • Arrow button shape (like iOS buttons)

     • Can read text values from rich text panels in interactions

     • New options in "Set Panel state(s) to State(s)" action: next, previous, value (by index or name,

       i.e., you can use a variable or a calculated value)


Mobile App Features:

     • New OnSwipeLeft & OnSwipeRight events

     • Add app icons and splash screen

     • Options to hide the address bar and browser navigation

     • Block the page from scrolling

     • Inertial dynamic panel scrolling (for iOS 5)

     • Ability to format status bar style

     * For example you can build more mobile app-like prototypes: Bookmark the prototype page on your

       iPhone and you'll see the icon on your home screen. When you click the icon, it loads a splash

       screen and launch the prototype full screen (without the browser navigation and with and a

       translucent status bar). Scrolling panel scrolls like native page scrolling, and dragging the widgets

       does not pull the page off the edges.


Editing Enhancements:

     • Snap to Objects with option to snap to padding

     • Remember collapsed states and scroll location of interaction pane after editing a case

     • Double-clicking an action to edit it opens the case editor to that action selected

     • Copy and paste actions in interactions pane using shortcuts Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V

     • Search while choosing a page for a link

     • Search while choosing a widget for conditions and setting values

     • Increased the canvas size to 20,000 x 20,000 pixels

     • Drag and drop image files from Windows Explorer or Finder to the diagram

     • Convert to Dynamic Panel maintains interactions


Prototype Enhancements

     • Text can now be more easily selected and copied from button shapes in the prototype

     • Ability to upload to AxShare directly from Axure RP

     • Variables set in pages within inline frames are also set on the parent page


Flow Diagram Enhancements

     • Connectors draw a hop when they intersect each other

     • Connectors try to preserve their shape once they’ve been manually edited

     • Option to use rounded turns on connectors

     • New line ends with crossbars

     • Stacked flow shapes like stacked files or rectangles










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Axure RP 6.5 is now available for download and is a free upgrade for all Axure RP customers. This release makes it faster to build interactions and lay out widgets, adds inline text links and rotating shapes, includes popular requests like animated scrolling and pinning panels to the browser, and adds  new mobile app prototyping capabilities.Check out the new features below.


Free Upgrade: Axure RP 6.5 will be a free upgrade for all Axure RP customers. Any license key for any version of Axure RP will work for 6.5.


Important: Axure RP 6.5 will open files created in earlier versions, but earlier versions of Axure RP will not open 6.5 files.

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A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the beta and submitted feedback and bug reports. We hope you enjoy this release and let us know if you have any thoughts or questions at!