with Axure RP

Create wireframes faster with Axure RP widgets, shortcuts, and smart guides, and easily publish and share your designs with your team.

Quickly drag, draw, and paste widgets

Whether you’re dragging and dropping icons, drawing rectangles onto the canvas, or pasting screenshots, it’s fast and easy to turn your ideas into wireframes in Axure RP.
  • Use libraries with widgets and icons for wireframing
  • Draw rectangles, text, and custom shapes
  • Paste text and images directly onto the canvas

Arrange and edit faster than ever

Smart guides and snapping keep your wireframes clean as you go, while shortcuts and features like cropping images in Axure RP make wireframing even faster.
  • 100+ shortcuts to duplicate, drag to copy and more
  • Widget snapping and smart distance guides
  • Slice and crop screenshots

Communicate more with flow diagrams

When you want to show the flow through your wireframes, create flow diagrams in Axure RP using connectors that autoreflow and many options for arrow and connector styles.
  • Use connectors that autoreflow
  • Customize connector styles and arrows
  • Add and edit connection points

Easily share your wireframes

With just a click, publish your wireframes to a single link to gather feedback and quickly share your ideas. Keep your team up to date with integrations to Jira, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Share your wireframes from a single link
  • Gather feedback with comments
  • Integrate with Jira, Slack, and Microsoft Teams

Turn wireframes into realistic prototypes

Go from wireframes to prototypes by adding interactions without code. Quickly create simple clickthroughs or use powerful features to make prototypes that look and work like the real thing.
  • Add simple interactions like rollover styles and basic links
  • Advanced prototyping with conditional logic, forms, and more
  • Edit shape and text styles to match the real thing
I love Axure’s flexibility and efficiency. In one tool, I can quickly collaborate on low-fi mockups, then style them into high-fidelity prototypes with native browser controls for realistic usability testing and seamless developer handoff with no additional effort.

Corey, Sr. Product Designer

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