Announcing The Axure Training Library

We’ve created a new way for you to learn the ins and outs of Axure RP. It’s a downloadable set of design patterns that comes with instructions for how you can build each from scratch. We’re calling it the Axure Training Library. It comes with 27 widgets -- including a rollover button, an image carousel, a hamburger menu, and a product grid, among other goodies. Here’s an example: Announcing The Axure Training Library The Training Library tackles learning from a slightly different angle than our 60-Minute Core Training module in that it focuses on widely used patterns, whereas our Core Training is based on specific features. Both are excellent -- and complementary -- ways for both beginners and intermediate prototypers to get acquainted with the capabilities of Axure RP. Best of all, it’s free. When your download is complete, open up Axure RP and load this library by choosing "Load Library" from the drop-down menu in the Widgets toolbar located in the middle-left pane. To learn more about libraries, including step-by-step instructions for loading and creating libraries, head over to the Custom Widget Libraries page. Once you’ve had a chance to play around with the library, we’d love to hear from you. Click here to provide your feedback. Or just put your comments down below (you need to be logged into your Axure Forum account). PS: You can also use the library as building blocks for your prototypes by pulling the widget you want directly into your prototype and deleting the instructions widget.]]> 595 0 0 0