Treated screenshot showing a prototype on Axure Share with pinned comments

We’re excited to release Axure RP 8.1, which includes a collection of features, optimizations, and fixes for Axure RP and Axure Share. Axure RP 8.1 is a free update for all customers. Here are some highlights:

Pins for Axure Share Discussions

Animation of adding a pinned comment to an Axure RP prototype in a web browser

It’s now easier to gather feedback and discuss prototypes with the introduction of pins. Drop a pin anywhere you like on an Axure Share-hosted prototype to add a note or screenshot to that location. Comments added via pins will also appear alongside traditional comments in the left-hand sidebar.

In addition, you can now resolve comments to mark them as addressed and hide them from view. Don’t worry—you can choose to show resolved comments and unresolve them if needed.

Your Team Project Status at a Glance

Screenshot showing a check-out context menu in the Axure RP interface

If you’re hosting your team projects on Axure Share, you’ll now know at a glance which of your pages are checked out and who’s working on them. Status icons now update on their own in real time—without you having to “get changes”—so you’ll know right away when a page is checked in or out. Click an icon to see who’s got a page, and then take further action if needed.

Import and Edit SVGs in Axure RP

SVG image files can be brought into Axure RP and converted into shape widgets, making them fully editable and as interactive as you need. Recolor, rearrange, and add or remove portions of your SVG—or completely change your designs using the pen tool. This feature was rolled out a couple of months back—here’s our previous coverage of SVG import on the Axure blog—and has been further refined in 8.1 with better text conversion.

Axure Share Integration with Slack and HipChat

Send your Axure Share notifications, including discussions, prototype updates, and team project status, to a Slack channel or HipChat room. For configuration details, check out the Axure Share documentation: About the Slack Integration for Axure Share; About the HipChat Integration for Axure Share.


See it before you change it. As you select styles, fills, or fonts, you can see what your widgets and pages will look like before you make the change.

Project-wide spell check. You can now spell-check across your whole file at once in the Mac version of Axure RP, similar to the Windows version. Inline spell check is still available and has been improved.

Easier updating. The next time you update after moving to 8.1, you’ll be able to complete the whole process from inside the tool.

Use arithmetic to set location and size. Add, subtract, multiply, or divide your heights, widths, and other parameters from within their text field controls.

Animation of adjusting the size of a placeholder widget using arithmetic in the Axure RP interface

There are lots of other little additions, improvements, and fixes in 8.1, along with some not-so-little performance enhancements. For the complete list, check here for the full release notes.

We hope you’ll enjoy Axure RP 8.1 as we continue to work toward version 9!

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