We’ve been hard at work developing Version 8 of Axure RP. I think it’s going to be an important release for existing customers as well as people new to Axure.

We’re eager to see you take advantage of the improvements so we’re going to make it a free update for existing customers. Everyone with a license to Axure RP Version Anything, both Standard and Pro, will be able to update to Version 8 at no charge.

Why free?
We get this a lot. Versions 6.5 and 7 were free updates too, and I’ve heard more than a few attempts by our team to explain to customers that there isn’t a “catch.” We’ve done paid updates in the past. And yes, it generated a good chunk of revenue, but that also came at a cost.

The main disadvantage is that the process was a pain, especially for enterprise customers managing a lot of seats. First, you have to understand how to purchase and update a license from Axure. Then, you might have to go through a lengthy process to approve the expense or build the cost into budgets. It can take months and be pretty frustrating for everyone. If we can save you the grief, we’re happy to do it.

Having a free update also gets everyone on the latest version of Axure RP. When customers send us support questions or feature requests, it really simplifies things when they are on the latest version. And when you talk to other people about Axure, we want you talking about the latest and greatest.

Great! When’s Version 8 coming?
We’re planning to make the Version 8 beta available to customers in the summer.

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