With the final release of Axure RP 8 now weeks away, we wanted to share the new pricing and product lineup with you. This will be the first time the price of Axure RP Pro has changed in nearly 12 years. There will be two key differences from the current offering:

  • Axure RP 8 will be available in three Editions: Pro, Team, and Enterprise.
  • We are introducing a subscription option, in addition to the current perpetual licenses.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the different Editions. We’ve also put together an FAQ below to help answer some questions you may have.

For professionals creating prototypes and specifications. For teams co-authoring prototypes and specifications (check in / check out with revision history). For companies requiring an on-premises solution for publishing and co-authoring prototypes and specifications.
Perpetual: $495

Subscription: $29 / Month

Perpetual: $895

Subscription: $49 / Month

Perpetual: not available

Subscription: $99 / Month

All of the prototyping and specification features of Axure RP including advanced interactivity and annotations.

Publish to Axure Share with unlimited reviewers.

All of PRO plus:
Co-authoring with Team Projects via Axure Share (new in 8) and SVN.
All of TEAM plus:
Publish to and host Team Projects on on-premises Axure Share servers with account roles (new in 8).For more information, email contactus@axure.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Axure RP 8 a free update?

Yes. If you currently have any version of Axure RP, you can update to Version 8 for free. Customers currently using the Standard edition will be updated to Pro. Customers using the Pro edition will be updated to Team.

What happens if you buy between now and the release?

The new prices will take effect the day of release, which we anticipate will be about a month from now.

  • If you buy RP Standard now for $289, you’ll get a free update to RP Pro 8 ($495) when it is released.
  • If you buy Pro now for $589, you will get a free update to RP Team 8 ($895).

What happened to the Standard Edition?

The Standard Edition, which doesn’t have the documentation and co-authoring features of Pro, was introduced in 2012 for customers who use Axure RP less frequently or on smaller projects. With RP 8, you will be able to subscribe to Axure RP Pro monthly for $29 / month and have access to the full feature set.

Is Pro different in 8?

Yes. The Pro Edition in Version 8 will not come with team projects. If you want to co-author with team projects, you will need the Team Edition. Existing Pro customers will get a free update to the Team Edition in Version 8. If you’re new to team projects, this article goes into further detail about team projects in Version 8.

Why subscriptions?

Some customers have asked for more pricing options, especially when working on shorter-term projects. The subscriptions are meant to accommodate those requests. For most customers who plan to use Axure RP regularly, we would recommend the perpetual licenses for RP 8.

If you have any questions we didn’t answer here, please email us at support@axure.com.

Thanks again to everyone who has participated in the Beta. Your feedback and comments have genuinely helped shape Axure RP 8. To learn about the enhancements to RP 8 in the past few months, please read this article.

We can’t wait to share the final release with you!

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