Axure RP 9’s New Interaction Editor

The latest build of the Axure RP 9 beta is out, and it includes a new iteration of the interaction editor. We’ve condensed and simplified the Interactions pane to make it easier to scan actions at a glance, and we’ve added a dialog — similar to the Case Editor in RP 8 — to facilitate the editing of complex interactions.

To access the Interaction Editor dialog, click the window icon in the lower right corner of the Interactions pane or double-click any existing event, case, or action.

Axure RP 9’s New Interaction Editor

One of our main goals with Axure RP 9 was to make interactions simpler, speedier, and more approachable for both new and experienced users. After a lot of internal testing and tons of feedback from beta testers, we think the latest iteration of the Interactions pane has achieved that goal for most use cases. Interactions can be created and edited inline, the most commonly used interactions are immediately accessible for one-click setup, and the event and action search fields make it quicker than ever to find what you’re looking for.

That said, we also realized that sometimes you just need more space to work when interactions grow complex, which is why we brought back an interactions dialog — but with more power! Customers like how roomy RP 8’s Case Editor is and how quickly you can add and configure multiple actions, but you can only work on one case at a time. In Axure RP 9’s Interaction Editor dialog, you can edit all of a widget’s events, cases, actions, and conditional logic without switching contexts.

We hope you enjoy the new interaction workflow as much as we do! Let us know what you think at