We recently released a couple features I’ve been working on for AxShare. You now have the ability to add screenshots to discussions as well as get email notifications when someone adds a topic or comment to one of your prototypes. I really enjoyed this project and hope these new features help you better communicate and collaborate with your team and clients.

With Screenshots, we’re introducing the ability to pair your AxShare discussions with images so you can more easily communicate your ideas. Instead of typing in a description of the relevant part of the page, just click the camera button, click and drag to capture, and that’s it! The image gets added to the discussion comment. Now, you can read a comment and quickly see images that show what part of the page is being discussed and the state of the interactive page. To see screenshots in action, check out the video above.

To start snapping screenshots, just head over to the Google Chrome Web Store or Mozilla’s Firefox Add-Ons page and grab the extension for your preferred browser. Once you’ve installed the extension, you’ll be good to go.

We decided to implement Screenshots via browser extensions because getting them from the OS wasn’t a good option for complexity and security reasons. Also, grabbing screenshots from the server wouldn’t let us capture images as you’re seeing them in the browser after interacting with the page.

The second feature I worked on was Notifications. You can now receive email notifications in a daily digest, as soon as comments are made, or not at all. We decided to use Mandrill to send the emails. It’s working great so far and we want to start pushing more email tasks to it. The video above shows you how you can subscribe to AxShare notifications and set your preferences.

I am particularly happy about getting notifications out the door. This has been one of the most-requested features for AxShare, and without it, we heard some customers were missing comments (ugh). Being able to get timely emails can now help you keep track of conversations.

We hope the introduction of Screenshots and Notifications will make communication and collaboration on AxShare better for your team. Let us know what you think. Send comments to support@axure.com or visit our forum.

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