You can do just about anything with a blank page. Intimidating, isn’t it? Though not quite as versatile as an actual, physical blank sheet of paper—of the kind thwarting artists and writers for centuries—a blank page in a new Axure RP file can have a similarly confounding effect. With so many things you could do, it can be hard to decide what you will do.

In this new blog series, The Blank Page, we’ll be exploring a few common cures for the blank page blues. First up: the screenshot slice-and-dice.

High-speed animation of editing a screenshot in the Axure RP UI

A new project in Axure RP isn’t necessarily the very beginning of a thought; often the task at hand is one of revision. And even when it’s a new design you have in mind, there are likely to be examples of similar solutions you’d like to draw from as you mock up your first iteration.

In these scenarios, drag a screenshot from your file browser and into Axure RP. Thwack! You’ve just vanquished the blank page. From there, you can drop form elements right onto your image to begin making it interactive, or use the crop and slice tools to start rearranging parts. Next, replace fields of color and swatches of text with rectangle and paragraph widgets. A few tweaks and nudges later, and you’re ready to upload your wireframe to Axure Share and start getting feedback.

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