David Mahmarian was inspired. After reading Will Hacker’s article about adaptive views in Smashing Magazine, he wanted to see how quickly he could transform an existing site design into a fully adaptive prototype.

The answer? David got it down to less than five minutes. He gave a demo to his colleagues during a packed brown-bag lunch at SapientNitro in Miami, where he is as an information architect.

“The demo I gave at Sapient is very basic. I built a simple wireframe of a landing page, and then I added three break points,” he said. “The whole point of the demo is to show the team that you can do it in a matter of minutes. People think it’s very hard. But this showed people that it’s actually very easy to learn.”

David recreated his demo for Axure so we can share it with you here.

Go here to see the adaptive prototype David created. Adjust the browser window size to see the prototype adapt.

Source file for the adapted design is below if you’d like to take a look to see what David did.

5 Minute Demo Finished

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