A few weeks back, with little fanfare, we released a new build of Axure RP ( on our general release channel. (Check out the build 3333 change notes from our release history page here; download the update from our update page here.) Among other improvements, this new build includes a feature for SVG images called “Convert SVG to Shapes”, which does exactly what it sounds like. Just drag any SVG file onto the canvas, right-click it, and select this new context menu command to convert the SVG into fully editable shape widgets.

If you don’t convert an SVG, it’ll remain in the SVG format in your HTML output from Axure RP. If you do convert it, you’ll then be able to modify the resulting custom shapes by changing their colors independently, adding new anchor points, applying transforms, and doing any of the other cool stuff you can do to custom shapes in Axure RP.

Animation of using the "Convert SVG to Shapes" feature in the Axure RP interface

We’ll be making some further tweaks and refinements to this new feature as part of our upcoming Axure RP 8.1 release, but I wanted to let y’all know about it now in case it helps you out on your current project. Enjoy!

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