Axure RP 10

Axure RP 10 Best Practices

5 Tips for Learning how to Use Axure RP Like a Pro

Whether you’re a beginner Axure RP user who's opening the app for the first time, or a seasoned pro who would like a refresher, here are 5 essential tips that every Axure RP user should know!

Axure RP 10 Updates

Simplify Your Workflow With the Updated Dynamic Style Toolbar

New in Axure RP 10! We’ve refreshed the style toolbar to dynamically display style properties specific to the widget that you have selected, making them immediately accessible to you directly above the canvas and easily within reach.

Axure RP 10 Featured

New Dynamic Panel Toolbar, Shortcuts, All States Option, and More in the Latest RP 10 Update

In the latest Axure RP 10 update, dynamic panels are now even more refined. We hope this update speeds your prototyping and makes it easier to make them more realistic when you need it!

Axure RP 10 Best Practices Inspiration

Prototyping and Designing for Multiple Device Sizes

With smartphones now being a part of our everyday lives, it’s no secret that mobile applications have become significantly commonplace across a broad range of industries. Because of this, prototyping for mobile devices is ever more important.

Axure RP 10 Axure RP 8 Tips and Tricks

5 Tips for a Smooth Transition from Axure RP 8 to Axure RP 10

Making the transition from one software version to another is never easy. But with these 5 tips, the transition from RP 8 to RP 10 will be smooth sailing, and you'll be on your way to prototyping with the most powerful edition of Axure RP yet!

Axure RP 10 Tips and Tricks

Tips for Quickly Prototyping Forms in RP 10

With Axure RP 10's new Sample Forms Library, you can rapidly explore options for the functionality and layout of forms, helping your team choose the best approach to pursue. Combine this with the low fidelity setting to truly get a feel for functionality before considering the visual design. Learn more about how these features can help streamline the prototyping process!

Axure RP 10 Product Updates

Making it Easier for Developers to Inspect in Jira, Confluence, and the Share Link

Designers, developers, and stakeholders can now inspect design elements and CSS properties right from a project's public share link, and from within Jira and Confluence. Learn more about how these new features can streamline your team's workflow!

Axure RP 10 Product Updates

Rediscover Repeaters

New features to convert widgets to repeaters and connect data columns to widgets to make it easier than ever to create data-driven tables and grids. Using new filtering options, you can easily filter repeaters by multiple criteria for more realistic UX prototypes. Learn more about the changes to repeaters in RP 10!

Axure RP 10 Product Updates

A Nicer Way to Make Forms

With a new error style effect, built-in common conditions, and improved push/pull and move options, creating realistic, dynamic forms is even easier in RP 10. Use the updated Form component library which takes advantage of new widget constraints and you’ll be prototyping forms in no time. Learn more about taking your UX prototypes to the next level!