Axure RP 9

During the development of Axure RP 9, we reexamined the tool's workflows for mobile design and presentation and found a number of opportunities for improvement. We think the new mobile prototyping experience is a big step forward.

Configurable environment panes are here in Axure RP 9. Are you a single-key shortcut wizard who feels right at home in Sketch and doesn't need the Pages, Libraries, Interactions, or Notes panes? Feel free to pare down your Axure UI to just the Outline and Style panes for maximum speed and minimum clutter. Are you finding it inconvenient to switch back and forth between your interactions, styles, and notes? Display all three in a row and edit widgets like a pro.

Axure turned 16 this month, which gave us occasion to reflect a bit. We've had eight major releases of Axure RP during this time, the latest of which—Axure RP 8—has been our most successful product to date. We followed it up with Axure RP 8.1 and a significant update for Axure Share, our prototype-sharing service.