Best Practices

Best Practices

No Respect

One of the toughest conversations to have with a product manager or UX designer is pointing out that they’re losing the respect of the developers. It’s tough because frequently it comes as a surprise. With that said, there are actions you can take to foster a harmonious relationship with the developers on your team.

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5 Tips for Learning how to Use Axure RP Like a Pro

Whether you’re a beginner Axure RP user who's opening the app for the first time, or a seasoned pro who would like a refresher, here are 5 essential tips that every Axure RP user should know!

Best Practices

Connecting the Dots

Have you ever worked on a project that seemed to shrink at every turn? There are any number of reasons stakeholders and managers cut the scope of projects. Sometimes these things are out of our hands, but other times, connecting the dots between the proposed solution and the business objectives can save the project… and your sanity.

Best Practices

Real World Value

“I don’t think anyone is using it”… “I can’t believe we spent months building this”… “Should we roll it back?” These are not the words you want to hear after your team has poured their efforts into a release. But how do you prevent it? Read this article to learn more.

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Prototyping and Designing for Multiple Device Sizes

With smartphones now being a part of our everyday lives, it’s no secret that mobile applications have become significantly commonplace across a broad range of industries. Because of this, prototyping for mobile devices is ever more important.

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Dynamic Panels for High-Fidelity Prototyping

High-fidelity prototypes are great for user testing, demonstrating UX to stakeholders, and providing clarity for developers. And the dynamic panel widget is a powerful and flexible tool to make your prototypes more realistic. Learn more about the ways that you can use dynamic panels to make your high-fidelity prototypes stand out!

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Working Remote with Axure

Working remote right now? Check out these Axure features that make remote collaboration a little easier.

Axure RP 9 Best Practices Updates

Hi-Fi to Lo-Fi with the Flip of a Switch

It’s amazing how real we can make prototypes look these days, but sometimes you need your audience to forget the visuals and just focus on how the thing works.

That’s where Axure RP’s new Low Fidelity mode comes in. Turn this mode on to instantly drop the visual fidelity of any design and facilitate conversation about its functionality rather than its looks.

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Publishing Prototypes for Multiple Audiences

Did you know that you can publish an RP file to multiple Axure Cloud links? This can be helpful when you want to maintain different versions of a prototype for different audiences, such as your design team, your developers, and your stakeholders.