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Top 5 UX Articles Rolling into Fall

Whenever we came across an article that we thought could help you hone your UX skills, stay on top of the latest prototyping trends, or help you pitch your projects to your stakeholders, we did our best to share them across our social media channels. Based on the shares, comments, and clicks from this summer, we bring you the 5 most popular UX articles and why they stand out to us. Cheers and happy reading!

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Finding the Balance When Prototyping Data-Intensive Features

Prototyping data-intensive experiences can be fun as well as challenging. These tips have helped an Axure user create effective, high fidelity prototypes that provide a rich understanding of how users interact with the Cost of Care Calculator.

Community From the Field User Stories

Launching a Software Startup With No Code, Just Prototyping: Benjamin Stanley and SureVX

Can you use a high fidelity prototype as a minimum viable product to get a startup off the ground? That’s exactly what SureVX founder Benjamin Stanley did: He used the Axure platform to make his idea a reality without having to invest crucial early-stage capital into software development.

Community From the Field User Stories

Fail Fast with Prototyping

Digital prototypes help teams test out new ideas quickly and cheaply, allowing them to catch potential usability issues before engineers spend valuable time building flawed features or products. It is through finding out where our assumptions fall short that we create the best products.

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Quick Start Guide to Designing SAP Fiori UX Apps

You don’t need to be a Fiori expert to start designing your own Fiori UX Apps. Working with Fiori stencils and icons created for use in Axure RP, you can quickly start building by dragging and dropping screens, icons and functional elements onto the canvas in Axure RP.

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Six Ways to Use Axure in SAP Fiori Projects

Sana Salam, founder of Sodales Solutions, shared how her firm uses Axure RP to design Fiori products for her enterprise clients in an article on the SAP Community Network.

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AxureWorld, Automated Mobile Menus, UX Map & Mobile Prototyping

If you missed this year’s AxureWorld Event on Nov. 20, not to worry. Ezra Schwartz, AxureWorld’s founder and organizer, has published videos of the presentations on the conference site.

Community From the Field

Dani Nordin on Transitioning a Team from Comps to Interactive Prototypes

Change is difficult, but not changing is fatal. So goes the anthem for many a business leader looking to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. Dani Nordin, UX Director at Pegasystems and author of several O’Reilly design books, shares her recent experience in introducing change at one of the world’s most venerable corporate brands, the Harvard Business Review.

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Jeff Harrison of Evantage on How to Future-Proof Your Prototypes

You pour blood, sweat and tears into a prototype. You spend hours thoughtfully crafting every nuance of the experience. You present it, like a proud parent. Then your boss, or client, requests “just one small change.” No problem, except making that change requires you to rip apart your entire prototype.