After our Slack and HipChat Axure Share integrations launched last year, more than a few of you got hold of us to request that we consider a similar tie-in for Microsoft Teams. Today, we're happy to announce its debut! Head over to our Microsoft Teams Connector support page for details on how to get it set up.

The "Forms" widgets in Axure RP's Default widget library are great for quickly putting together user input forms. These widgets become real HTML form elements in your prototype's generated HTML files, giving you easy access to platform-native functionality and styling.Sometimes, though, you need more control over the styling or interactivity of your form fields.

When you're building high-interaction-fidelity prototypes, the repeater widget can be an invaluable ally. Designed to display a repeating pattern of widgets driven by a set of data that you provide, the repeater is just the widget to reach for when you need to quickly populate a dynamic table, product listing, search results page, or any other design pattern that requires a lot of repetition

We have a time-sensitive news announcement: Axure Share will become HTTPS-only by early next year. While the option to redirect to HTTPS links for your Axure Share content has been available for some time, we've now decided to enforce HTTPS for everything hosted on the service.

Last month's Axure RP 8.1 update included an update for Axure Share. This month we're taking a more in-depth look at pins for discussions, the foremost new feature in the Axure Share update. Pins allow you to drop a comment at a particular spot on a design.

Email notifications for Axure Share have been available for some time. But now, as of earlier this month, you have the option to send your notifications to a Slack channel of your choice!

Axure was born when Victor and Martin were working together at a Bay Area startup and went looking for a better tool to help them gather requirements and produce specifications, wireframes, and prototypes.

A few weeks back, with little fanfare, we released a new build of Axure RP ( on our general release channel. (Check out the build 3333 change notes from our release history page here; download the update from our update page here.) Among other improvements, this new build includes a feature for SVG images called "Convert SVG to Shapes", which does exactly what it sounds like.