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New in Axure Cloud: Inspect Your Designs

Project overviews for RP 9 files now include a thumbnail preview of each page; and you can extract style and layout information from the widgets in your designs.

Axure 9 Pricing

Axure RP 9 News Updates

Axure RP 9 Launch Pricing and Upgrades

Axure RP 9 will officially launch in just a few short weeks! If you want to get a head start on upgrading your existing perpetual licenses or purchasing some new ones, you can do that now.

Axure RP 9 News Updates

New in Axure RP 9: Dark Mode

Thanks to customer feedback, we've improved on inline editing, interaction building, and more since the initial RP 9 Beta release. Today, we're introducing one of the most requested enhancements: a dark UI mode to complement dark mode on the latest macOS and Windows operating systems.

Axure RP 9 News Updates

New in Axure RP 9: Building Interactions Inline

One of our main goals for Axure RP 9 was to make interactions simpler, speedier, and more approachable for both new and experienced users. After a lot of internal testing and tons of feedback from beta testers, we think we've achieved that goal with the new interactions workflow.


Axure Turns 15

Axure was born when Victor and Martin were working together at a Bay Area startup and went looking for a better tool to help them gather requirements and produce specifications, wireframes, and prototypes.

Community News

SAP Releases Fiori Widgets for Axure RP

SAP released a new Fiori widget library for Axure RP and is making the switch from PowerPoint. The change coincided with the release this month of the Fiori Design Guidelines Version 1.28.