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Paul Olson at Axure Users Meetup, Chicago

In May the Axure Users Meetup, Chicago, celebrated the 15th anniversary of Axure—both the company and the product, Axure RP—with an interesting talk and bountiful refreshments. Axure treated the group to bao and potstickers (because phở is a little difficult to share), beer, and birthday cake.

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Agility is Mutual Respect

Agility is context-dependent.By contrast, the various prescribed Agile and Agile-like frameworks—just as with any set of best-fit guidelines—are context-independent. Does Axure practice Agile software development? The short answer: yes and no. For the long answer, read on.

Inside Axure Software Development

Developing the Subscription Update to the Axure Customer Portal

We’ve been refining how we build software here at Axure since 2002, and by this point, the process is pretty streamlined. But we don’t adhere to any particular espoused philosophy of process management; we aren’t a strict Scrum Agile shop, and we don’t make use of a Kanban board. Our approach is informal by design, which makes it hard to encapsulate in a pithy five-point list or what have you. But what I can do instead is describe it by example.

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Designing an ERP from Scratch with Ken Randall

There comes a time in the life of a young and successful manufacturing firm when disconnected homegrown systems and spreadsheets aren’t enough to keep up with the volume of demand. That’s when people like Ken Randall come into the picture.

From the Field Software Development

Archie Miller of CarMax on Implementing Lean UX in Large Organizations

In 2014, CarMax set off on a journey to bring in Lean UX design principles to its organization. The company, known for revolutionizing the used car buying process in the U.S., is now focused on redesigning its web and mobile apps to seamlessly integrate the digital and store experience for its customers.

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John Henry Krahenbuhl on Collaborating with a Distributed Team

John Henry Krahenbuhl, Lead User Experience Designer at Epsilon and author of several books on prototyping, walks us through a recent client project that used interactive prototypes to quickly gather consensus around a design challenge--how to satisfy multiple client stakeholder interests on a single page.

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Designing Through Conversation with UX Firm Digital Telepathy

Digital Telepathy has always done things differently. When you hire the San Diego-based design firm, you won’t hear any pitches. Instead, you’ll embark on a journey with a partner, one that involves a constant flow of conversation to propel the project forward. This journey is called Objective-Based Design.