Now more than ever, shipping software products that win customers requires the combined strengths of business, design, and technology professionals. Keeping everyone moving together toward a shared goal, however, is a struggle that too many projects face. This is why we're so excited to introduce the new Axure platform today.

Axure RP 9 will officially launch in just a few short weeks! If you want to get a head start on upgrading your existing perpetual licenses or purchasing some new ones, you can do that now.

Team projects are now available in Axure RP 9 Beta! Check out the steps below to get started. If your team currently hosts team projects on an SVN server, you can follow the project upgrade steps above to move your projects to Axure Cloud.

The latest build of the Axure RP 9 beta is out, and it includes a new iteration of the interaction editor. We've condensed and simplified the Interactions pane to make it easier to scan actions at a glance.

Our goal for Axure RP 9 was to modernize Axure RP’s workflows, capabilities, and interface. Nearly every area of the tool has been touched to make prototyping in Axure RP more efficient and intuitive.With that same goal in mind, we've also been working on some updates to Axure Share.

Thanks to customer feedback, we've improved on inline editing, interaction building, and more since the initial RP 9 Beta release. Today, we're introducing one of the most requested enhancements: a dark UI mode to complement dark mode on the latest macOS and Windows operating systems.

The Axure RP 9 Beta is now available to all existing customers! If you've got version 8 activated on your computer, the version 9 beta should just work; if not, you may need to enter your license. To get started, head over to the Axure RP 9 Beta page.

Of all the changes we've made to Axure RP in version 9, the most dramatic might be the elimination of the Case Editor. In its place is an interaction builder directly accessible from the main screen's right sidebar. (Or, if you take advantage of version 9's configurable panes, you can put it wherever you want!) Here's a quick tour of how to build an interaction using the new interface.

Axure RP has long featured the option to add notes to pages and individual design elements. These notes were originally intended to serve as part of the tool's functional specification output. They've also been available from the prototype player when viewing the HTML output, but with some limitations.