High-fidelity prototypes can be really helpful for getting buy-in from a client, or for user testing before committing to code. For the high-fidelity prototyper, Axure RP 8 will have a few new features to make prototypes even richer.

Axure RP 8 will let you apply multiple animations to a widget that run at the same time, such as moving while fading. You’ll also be able to dynamically rotate widgets and set the size on shape widgets with easing. When setting panel states, a flip animation can be applied.

Here’s an example using some of the new animation features:

In addition, Axure RP 8 will have some subtle but helpful enhancements to interactions. For example, there will be two new events — OnSelected and OnUnselected. These events eliminate the need to add conditions to the OnSelectionChanged event. Another example is that boundaries can be set in the Move action which should simplify the process of creating custom sliders. The Repeater widget, which has been a popular addition from version 7, is also getting an upgrade to support items that are different sizes.

During the course of the Beta that will begin later this summer, we’ll continue to add features around animations and interactions — all with the goal of helping you work faster and communicate more effectively with your team.

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