One way to really improve your workflow in Axure RP is to create custom widget libraries for your team. It saves everyone time, and you get more consistency across projects.

Unfortunately, without a way to draw custom shapes, widget libraries tend to fill up with images in different colors and sizes.

Axure RP 8, which will come out in Beta later this summer, makes it possible for you to draw custom shapes with the new pen tool. Because the shapes are vector-based, they stay sharp as you stretch them. You can also change their fills and borders. This is helpful for things like icons, charts, curved arrows, device outlines, buttons, and flow shapes.

You will also be able to combine shapes with Unite, Subtract, Intersect, and Exclude options. The animated GIF below shows the use of the pen tool and subtract option to create a simple custom emoji.

If you’d like to try your hand at the pen tool, subscribe to the Axure newsletter below, and you’ll get an email when the Beta is available. (You’ll need an Axure RP license to participate in the Beta.)

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