Creating clear documentation of interactive designs can be time-consuming and tedious. A big part of that time is spent creating and updating screenshots of all the states you need to convey the functionality to your team. The automated Word documentation generator in the Pro edition is great, but for very rich prototypes, it has its limits. More and more customers have been creating custom documentation in Axure RP.

The Snapshot widget in Axure RP 8 is aimed at making it faster to create and update custom documentation. It captures an image of the page or master it references, and you can pan and zoom the snapshot to focus on a specific part of the page. The snapshot automatically updates when changes are made to the page.

You can also apply actions to the referenced page to capture it in a particular state. For example, you can use the new Fire Event action to “click” a button on the page and get a snapshot of the page after the button is clicked. If you make a change to the button’s OnClick interaction, the snapshot will be updated automatically. This can be useful in flow diagrams, where you can present a series of thumbnails of a page following a sequence of events.

The snapshot widget is just one of several new features, including new animations and the pen tool, that we’d love for you to try in the upcoming Axure RP 8 Beta.

If you’d like to be notified when the Beta is released, just sign up below for the Axure newsletter, and we’ll let you know when it’s available. (Please note that the Beta will be available only to existing Axure RP customers.)

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