Axure RP comes with three libraries’ worth of basic, minimally styled widgets. But did you know that many more widget libraries are available for download and can be added to Axure RP with just a few clicks? Here’s a gif of me downloading the “Axure Training Library” from the “Download Widget Libraries” page of the Axure site and loading it up in Axure RP:

Animation of downloading and using a widget library in the Axure RP UI

The Axure Training Library is a collection of widgets we made to teach folks how to build common design patterns in Axure RP. It’s free to use and handy to have around as a reference. There are a ton of other featured widget libraries to choose from on our Download Widget Libraries page. Many of the libraries linked to from the page are free, and some others are available for purchase. (All paid widget libraries are sold by third parties and not by us at Axure.)

If you’ve never added a widget library in Axure RP, take 30 seconds today and try it out.

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