Overheard recently at an Axure event: someone wondered aloud whether a video could be embedded into a page in Axure RP. The answer is yes! The trick is to use an Inline Frame widget to load the video. You can then toggle the widget’s border and scrollbars if you like, and even choose a video-themed preview image for the widget to remind yourself that it’s been configured to point to a video. Check out the process in GIF format, below, or as a video over on our YouTube channel.

Animated gif of embedding a video in Axure RP

Note: If you’d like to point to a video located on a hosting service like YouTube or Vimeo, you’ll need to use what’s called the “embed” version of the link. Here’s YouTube’s help article about how to find the embed link for one of their videos. And don’t forget to copy and paste only the link portion of the embed code into your inline frame dialog in Axure RP. So for example, the embed link I used in my video was <https://www.youtube.com/embed/03BnwgWNzeo> (without the brackets).

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