Hi everyone! Today I’d like to talk about one of my favorite little-known features of Axure RP: the “Hide from View” option.

Animation showing the "hide from view" feature in Axure RP

“Hide from View” lets you completely hide any dynamic panel, master, or widget group on the canvas so that you can interact with the rest of the design as though the hidden element weren’t there. This allows for easy access to widgets sitting behind the hidden element, and the element will still appear in the web browser as normal. This is particularly handy when you’re working on a design that includes an onscreen modal, mega menu, or other large structure that sits in front of other widgets on the page.

To hide an element from view, locate it in the Outline pane and click the blue square to the right of its name. The square will be replaced with a slashed eye icon to indicate that the element is hidden. To show the element again, just click that eye icon.

Tip: If a widget on your page seems to have mysteriously disappeared, check the Outline pane for the eye icon to see if the widget is hidden from view.

Pretty neat, right? This is a great time-saving feature that I’ve noticed many other Axure users, including veterans, have yet to discover. So now you know!

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