Axure’s widget libraries are great for keeping frequently-used design patterns close at hand. But what if you’d like to share access to your libraries with another Axure RP author, or even co-author the library itself? That’s where Axure Share comes in. Yes, it’s for libraries too!

Here’s how it works. First, log in to the Axure Share web interface at and create a new workspace for your widget libraries. Next, create a new project in the workspace and upload a widget library. Once this is done and your new project has been given its unique six-character Axure Share ID, copy the ID to your clipboard using the available button in the project list.

Finally, switch over to Axure RP. From here you can use the “Libraries” pane’s menu button to “Load from Axure Share”. Pop in the ID you copied out of Axure Share (trimming off everything but the six-character ID), click “Load”—and boom! Now you’re using a widget library hosted on the cloud via Axure Share.

Animation showing a widget library being hosted via the Axure Share UI and then loaded via the Axure RP UI

If you’d like to share your hosted widget library with another Axure RP author, that’s easy: just invite them to your new Axure Share workspace—and send them the link to this blog post! If you need a refresher on creating and sharing workspaces on Axure Share, here’s our training article about Axure Share workspaces.

What’s that, you say? You’d like to not only share the library with a team member, but co-author it as a team project? You can do that too. Just open the library for editing in Axure RP, and then create a team project from it, making sure to host it in an Axure Share workspace that’s shared with the team member in question. The Axure Share ID assigned to the team project when you create it will be the same one you can use in the method described above to load the library into your Libraries pane for use. (Here’s our documentation on creating a team project on Axure Share.)

Once your widget library is on Axure Share, you can even use the service’s discussions feature to share feedback on it. And if you happen to be using a private instance of Axure Share for Enterprise, you’ll be doing everything described above behind your company’s firewall.

So get sharing! And thanks for reading.

The widget libraries featured in the above animation were built by UX Tool Time and are available for free from our Download Widget Libraries page and from

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