In 2011 we created AxShare, an online platform for you to quickly publish and share your latest prototypes. Since then, collaborative publishing and enhanced security have been the focus of your requests.

We introduced Workspaces a couple weeks ago to better reflect the way your teams are using AxShare. It’s a new way of organizing projects around people and security.

Now, when you sign in to your AxShare Account, you’ll first be taken to a list of your workspaces. If you had any shared folders, they have been converted to workspaces. Workspaces just brings them to the forefront. All other projects will be in a personal workspace called My Projects.

After you create a workspace, you can invite people to join. Members can either be given permission to create and edit projects in your workspace or be “viewer only”.

There are additional security settings for each workspace including SSL and limiting URL access to workspace members. These options were available with shared folders before, but you had to share the folder before configuring them. Workspaces let you have everything set up before inviting others.

We hope workspaces makes it easier for you to publish collaboratively and set up how each person should work with the projects. I expect workspaces to be the foundation for a number of other collaborative features down the road, for example team projects on AxShare. Let me know what you think.

If you have any questions or requests, just email us at

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