The Default widget library in the Axure RP 8 Beta has a number of new widgets to speed up your wireframing and make them easier to style. These changes were inspired by watching Sophia Voychehovski of ReWired UX Studio use a widget library she created in version 7 to quickly get ideas into Axure RP and make her deliverables look beautiful.

Most of the new widgets are styled versions of various shapes. For example, Box 1 through Box 4 are all rectangle widgets. Each of them has been assigned a unique widget style to help you take advantage of the Widget Style system. If you’re making your own widget libraries, we recommend using widget styles generously.

Applying a widget style to the widget in the library makes it easier to manage the styles centrally. For example, you can change the “Box 1” widget style to red. When you do that, all Box 1 widgets that have been added and every Box 1 you add later will be red by default.

There’s also a new Markup section in the default library that has some stickies, markers, and arrows. These are also shape widgets with different widget styles applied. The Markup section also includes the new Snapshot widget, which we’ll post more information about soon.

We hope the new Default widget library is a better starting point for new customers and a good reference when you create widget libraries tailored to your projects. Let us know what you think at

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