One of the goals for version 8 was to make better use of screen real estate and present a cleaner UI that was still highly functional. If you’ve been using Axure RP 7, here are some changes that you’ll notice in the Axure RP 8 Beta environment

Inspector replaces three panes
The Inspector combines the “Widget Interactions and Notes”,“Widget Properties and Style”, and “Page Properties” panes from version 7.

When a widget is selected, the Inspector shows a Properties tab and Style tab for editing the widget. Widget interactions and notes can now be found in the Properties tab. The Style tab has also been changed to make it easier to update and create widget styles.

When a widget is not selected, the page properties (that appeared in the bottom pane of version 7) are now presented in the Inspector. You can also edit the page properties while a widget is selected by using the page icon in the header of the Inspector. If you’re editing a master, repeater item, or dynamic panel state, their properties are also displayed in the Inspector.

Sitemap and Widget Manager are renamed
The “Sitemap” pane is now called “Pages”, and the “Widget Manager” is renamed to “Outline”.

Toolbars in the panes are gone
The toolbars in the Pages, Widgets, Masters, and Outline panes have been removed. The primary actions in those toolbars, like add page and search, have been moved to the headers of the panes.

The other actions are still available in the context menus, using shortcuts, and dragging and dropping.

For example, in the Pages and Masters panes, you can add, delete and move using these keyboard shortcuts:

Add Master or Page: [Ctrl]/[Cmd] + [Enter] Add Folder: [Ctrl]/[Cmd] + [Shift] + [Enter] Delete: [Delete] Move Up/Down: [Ctrl]/[Cmd] + [Up/Down Arrow] Indent/Outdent: [Ctrl]/[Cmd] + [Left/Right Arrow]

You can also add and delete pages using the context menu, and move them by dragging and dropping.

Top toolbars are the same for PC and Mac
The Main toolbar and Style toolbar at the top of the environment are now the same for PC and Mac. The difference from version 7 is most noticeable on the PC, but you should generally find the same buttons in the toolbars.

These are just some of the more notable changes to the environment in the Axure RP 8 Beta. We will continue to work on the environment during the beta, so please send your feedback to

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