This article covers the enhancements to the Repeater in Axure RP 8. The changes are centered around enabling items in a repeater to be different sizes.

Hidden widgets no longer affect size
In version 8, hidden widgets within an item no longer affect the item’s size. If you open a version 7 file in 8, this change will be applied. If you want to keep the item size defined by hidden widgets, you can add a hot spot widget to the repeater item.

Fit to content in HTML
When the “Fit to Content in HTML” repeater property is selected, a repeater item will automatically resize when widgets in that item are shown, hidden, or moved. The “Fit to Content in HTML” option can be found in the Properties tab of the Inspector when a repeater widget is selected.

Note that if you show a widget in a repeater item using the “treat as lightbox” option, it will not affect the size of the item.

The OnItemResize event was added to the repeater so you can respond to changes to the size of a repeater item (and therefore the repeater). For example, you could use the “Move” action to move other widgets on the page as needed.

We hope these new repeater features make them more helpful to you. If there are other changes to repeaters that you’d like to see, please let us know by emailing

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