We’ve added two new designs to our selection of AxShare Branded login and password templates that you can customize to reflect your brand can add a professional touch to your presentations.

The first is a new Password template. As with the other four designs included in the download, you can swap in your own logo, change the text and style any of the elements (just avoid deleting template widgets with labels or changing their labels). When you’re done, sign in to your AxShare account and head over to our Branding Page to upload your custom password page.

The second template is a new Login page (shown in the screenshot above). Customize and style your template how you want, then sign into your AxShare account. Follow the instructions on the Branding Page to upload your design and point your domain to Share.Axure.com. Lastly, submit your domain to AxShare. As soon as we’re able to verify your domain, your team members will see the new page when they log into AxShare. Clients without an AxShare account can still view a prototype via the login page by entering the file’s six-digit ID number. **Please note that you will need your own Internet domain in order to take advantage of the custom login page.**

The templates are free to download and come with instructions on how you can make them your own.

If you run into trouble implementing these templates, help is just an email away at support@axure.com.

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