Axure RP’s core flowcharting capabilities have been a part of the tool for a long time, but we added some additional flow features in version 8.

Lots more widget types can now be used as flow objects: shapes, images, and even the new-in-8 snapshot widget.

1. Connector points can be added, moved, and deleted. This means you can have as many connector points as you want, wherever you want them. We’ve added a new “Connector Points” tool to facilitate all this. (It’s normally available via the “More” button in the tool corral on the Main Toolbar, but in my video I brought it out onto the main UI for sake of simplicity.) Once you’re in “connect points” mode, click anywhere on a selected widget to add a point, click and drag a point to move it, or right-click to delete.

2. We added a bunch of new connector line ends. Many of the new ones are helpful for putting together entity-relationship model (ERD) and BPMN diagrams. You’ve now got a total of 29 line ends to choose from, up from just a handful in version 7. Another improvement over version 7 is that your starting and finishing line ends can now be chosen independently of one another. Access line ends via the Format Bar’s “Arrow Style” picker. Here’s a screenshot of the full set:

Screenshot of Arrow Style picker dialog in Axure RP

3. Connector lines can now be straight, curved, or routed at right angles, in addition to the traditional “rounded turns” routing scheme. Look for these options in the Inspector pane when you’ve got a connector line selected.

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