Taking what’s on your screen and putting it on paper can be a great way to keep the team on the same page (pun intended). And sometimes it’s just required for the project. The upcoming Axure RP 8 will make it a lot easier to print deliverables from Axure RP.

In version 8, you’ll be able to specify the target paper size for your RP file as well as adjust the number of pixels that map to that size. Once you’ve setup a paper size, you can choose to show the print guides in the design area so you can lay out pages specifically for printing.

When printing, there are now options to configure scaling as well as choose which pages you want to print, whether it’s just a couple of pages or an entire section of your file. It’ll also be simple to print a set of masters. And if you’re printing multiple documents from your RP file, you won’t have to continually readjust your settings. You’ll be able to create separate print configurations for each printout.

The improved print capabilities work in tandem with the new Snapshot Widget that allows you to capture images of specific pages, masters or design elements within your file to use in creating custom documentation. These and other features of Axure RP 8, such as the Pen Tool and new animations, will be available to current Axure RP customers in Beta later this summer.

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