Among the first new things you’ll notice in version 8 are the changes to the UI. We wanted to make it more approachable for newcomers and more efficient for everyone. A big part of that was making better use of the screen real estate.

For example, a new Inspector pane on the right combines three separate panes from version 7 — “Widget Interactions and Notes”,“Widget Properties and Style”, and “Page Properties”. Moving the page properties from the bottom to the right freed room for the design area. Combining the widget interactions and properties allowed us to increase the size of the property and style buttons making them easier targets for your mouse.

Another example is that the toolbars within the “Pages” and “Masters” panes have been removed. The most commonly used buttons, like “Add Page” and “Search”, have been moved to the header of the pane. The remaining options are still available through context menus, shortcuts, and drag and drop.

For longtime Axure users, we hope these changes make working in Axure RP a little nicer and make it easier for you to onboard new colleagues. As always, we’ll be open to feedback and will continue making UI enhancements during the upcoming version 8 Beta.

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