Note: The Axure RP 9 beta is now available! See what’s new and download the beta.

One of our major goals during the version 9 development cycle was to make Axure RP faster. Our pursuit of this goal led us to a number of significant performance improvements and UI optimizations, and it also gave us single-key shortcutsUse any of the available single-key shortcuts and then click-drag to produce a widget of the corresponding type. (The use of single-key shortcuts can be turned off in the preferences menu if you’d like to restore the older default behavior, where typing while working on the canvas adds text to the selected widget.)

Animation showing the use of single-key shortcuts in Axure RP 9

Here are the single-key shortcuts we’ve implemented so far:

R – rectangle mode
O – oval / ellipse / circle mode
T – text mode (drag to dynamically fill area with example text)
P – pen drawing mode
L – line mode

Are there any others you’d like to see? Let us know! Send an email to We’re looking forward to hearing your ideas.

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