Product Debt

Axure's software projects are in a perpetual state of debt, and we differentiate between two types: technical debt and product debt. The second type, product debt, I see referred to less commonly. For us, product debt is any aspect of our products which we know is less complete, consistent, or polished than it could be, but which we've released the way it is because the product had to get out the door. read more

Selection Modes in Axure RP

They're right there in the top, left-hand corner of the Axure RP UI—but have you ever clicked on them? They're the "intersected" and "contained" selection modes. "Intersected" is the default, so it's probably the behavior you're familiar with, but "contained" mode is useful too. read more

Updates to the Axure Share Mobile App

If you've launched the Axure Share mobile app lately, you've probably noticed that it's a whole lot prettier. In addition to the visual refresh, the newest version of the app is now compatible with Axure Share Enterprise, the on-premises version of our cloud hosting service. So if you're part of an ASE team... read more