Last month’s Axure RP 8.1 update included an update for Axure Share. This month we’re taking a more in-depth look at pins for discussions, the foremost new feature in the Axure Share update. Pins allow you to drop a comment at a particular spot on a design, like so:

Animation of adding a pinned comment to an Axure RP prototype in a web browser

Pins are best used when you want to provide a context for your comment that’s more specific than a textual comment in the sidebar, or even more so than a sidebarred screenshot. And by the way, you can also add a screenshot to a pinned comment. This can be nice for capturing a historical state of the design that you’ll then see alongside any future version.

You can choose from a few different colors for your pins, which is cool if you don’t like the default purple. (Though who doesn’t like purple?!) More practically, the different colors are useful to denote different team members, categorize comments, or do status tracking if you allot them different statuses (e.g., yellow = “under review”; red = “urgent change”). If you’ve been looking for some kind of status tracking in your Axure Share discussions, it might make sense to switch to a pins workflow.

Along with pins, we’ve also introduced the ability to resolve and unresolve comments (pinned and sidebarred alike). Resolved comments will be hidden on the diagram and in the sidebar. To view your resolved comments, click the “show resolved comments” button in the sidebar, and they’ll show up in a separate section below the regular comments. They’ll also be re-shown on the diagram, but with grey pins instead of colorful ones. And if it turns out that a comment is a little less resolved than you’d thought, you can unresolve it when needed. This will return the comment to the top section of the sidebar and change its pin color back to whatever it was before it was resolved.

Animation of un-resolving a resolved comment via the Axure Share interface

With the “resolve” feature, the sidebar becomes more of a living resource and less of a kitchen drawer of all comments ever made on the page. You can also adopt a workflow of resolving others’ comments as a form of feedback to the original commenter, rather than posting a reply comment that simply says “done!”. If you’ve set up Slack, HipChat, or email notifications, you’ll be notified when a comment is resolved or unresolved.

We hope you like Axure Share’s new pins and resolved comments features! Will they make their way into your commenting workflow?

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