Team projects are now available in the latest build of the Axure RP 9 beta! Check out the steps below to get started.

Create a New Team Project in RP 9

  1. Go to File > New Team Project or to Team > Create Team Project from Current File.

  2. Give the team project a name.
  3. Create a new workspace for your team project, or choose from your existing workspaces.
  4. Click Create Team Project. Once the project’s directory has been successfully created on Axure Cloud, click Save Team Project File to save your local copy of the project.
  5. At this point, you have a few options for how to proceed:

    • Open your local team project file to begin working.
    • Click Invite Users to add collaborators to the project on Axure Cloud in your web browser. (You can access this option later as well by going to Team > Invite Users.)

      Collaborators can download their own local copies of the team project via Team > Get and Open Team Project after accepting your invitation on Axure Cloud.

    • Click Make URL Public to get a link to the generated prototype that you can share with individuals who are not collaborators on the project. (By default, only collaborators can see the project’s generated HTML on Axure Cloud.)

      You can change this selection later in the project’s overview on Axure Cloud.

Upgrade an Existing Team Project in RP 9

  1. Ask all collaborators to check in their changes to the project, and check in yours as well.
  2. In your local copy of the project in RP 8, go to Team > Get All Changes from Team Directory.
  3. Export the team project to a standalone RP file via File > Export Team Project to File.
  4. Open the exported RP file in Axure RP 9 and save it.
  5. Go to Team > Create Team Project from Current File and follow the steps in the section above.

    Tip: To avoid having to re-invite your collaborators, publish your new team project to the same workspace the old team project is located in.

  6. Ask all collaborators to download new local copies of the team project via Team > Get and Open Team Project in RP 9.

A Note on SVN

Unlike previous versions of Axure RP, Axure RP 9 does not support SVN hosting for team projects. If your team currently hosts team projects on an SVN server, you can follow the project upgrade steps above to move your projects to Axure Cloud. If your team is unable to publish to Axure Cloud, reach out to us at for alternative solutions.

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