Our visual and UX design refresh of the Axure customer portal is now live!

We recently released a fairly comprehensive redesign of the Axure Customer Portal. Many of our customers—even regular users of Axure RP—may not frequently get into the portal; in the past it’s been mostly just a place to periodically update your credit card info or maybe assign a license if you’re the manager of a team of Axure users. The recent redesign makes portal a more pleasant place to do all the stuff you could before, but we’ve also added a dedicated profile page where you can update your account details and add a profile image.

The profile image is only being shown in about three places right now—all of them inside the portal—but over the next few weeks and months we’ll be rolling out some changes to Axure Share and Axure RP that will incorporate it. So if you’re a profile-photo type of person, head over to and upload that pretty-good shot of you on a hike from last spring. Or maybe the one of your cat sitting on your laptop keyboard while you’re trying to work in Axure RP—that’s a funny one.

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