• Axure RP 8 Beta Now Available

    Today, we are introducing the Axure RP 8 Beta. With version 8, we set out to improve Axure RPís three core capabilities -- prototyping, deliverables, and collaboration. The initial beta includes quite a few enhancements, but there is more to do before 8 is final. Weíre also looking forward to the opportunity to refine the product with your feedback. You can expect significant updates during the Beta, which should last at least several months.

    Please note that the Axure RP 8 Beta is available only to existing customers. Once the Beta is complete, version 8 will be released as a free upgrade to everyone who has purchased an Axure RP license in the past.

    UPDATE: Pricing and product lineup for Axure RP 8 has been announced and can be found here.

    Whatís New in 8
    Axure RPís core prototyping and diagramming capabilities are enhanced with new animations, interactions, and a pen tool that lets you draw custom vector-based shapes. A new Snapshot Widget, combined with additional print options, allow you to more efficiently create and print your deliverables. And to make collaboration easier, Team Projects can now be hosted on Axure Share. These and other changes are presented in a new user interface that we hope will be more approachable for newcomers and more efficient for everyone.

    Hereís a quick summary of the changes in RP 8 so far:

    • Inspector replaces three panes--Widget Interactions and Notes, Widget Properties and Style, Page Properties
    • Sitemap is now called Pages
    • Widget Manager is now called Outline
    • Toolbars in panes is reduced
    • Mac and PC versions now have the same Top Toolbars
      Learn more about the new environment

    Default Widgets
    • More styled shapes including multiple box and button styles
    • New markup section including new snapshot widget
    • For text fields and text areas, choose to hide hint text after focus
    • Optimized rectangle shapes in prototype (render as DIVs)
      Learn more about new default widgets

    Widget Styles
    • Add and update widget styles from the Inspector
    • New default style that all other styles inherit from
    • Style dropdown shows a preview of the style
      Learn more about widget styles


    Pen Tool and Custom Shapes
    • Draw custom shapes and icons with the new pen tool
    • Convert shape widgets to custom shapes
    • Transform shapes with flip, unite, subtract, intersect, and exclude
      Learn more about the pen tool

    Flow Diagrams
    • All shape, image, and snapshot widgets have connector points
    • Connector points are only visible when using the connector tool and mouse is over the widget
    • Connector points are larger and easier to select
      Learn more about flow diagramming improvements

    • Rotate
    • Set size added to shapes, images, hot spots, and form widgets
    • Set size has anchor options
    • Set adaptive view
    • Fire event (used to trigger an event on a widget or page)
    • Boundaries for move actions
      Learn more about new actions


    New Events
    • OnLoad is available on all widgets
    • OnRotate - shape, image, line, hot spot
    • OnSelectedChange, OnSelected, OnUnSelected - shape, image, line, hot spot, checkbox, radio button, tree
    • OnResize - dynamic panel
    • OnItemResize - repeater
      Learn more about new events

    Snapshot Widget

    Print Options

    Team Projects

    • Fit to content in HTML setting added for varying item sizes
    • Hidden widgets do not affect the bounds on an item
    • Faster initialization of repeaters in prototype
      Learn more about repeater updates

    Thank You!
    Many thanks to everyone who has submitted feedback and feature requests and has generally been a part of the Axure community. We hope Axure RP 8 helps your workflow around prototyping, deliverables, and collaborating with your team. Let us know what you think. Please send bug reports, comments and suggestions to support@axure.com.

    - Victor Hsu

    - - -

    Friendly note: This thread has been closed to comments. To get help with or share your thoughts on the beta, please visit the Axure RP 8 Beta Forum or email support@axure.com. Thank you!

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