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Thread: Pixit Bootstrap Dashboard Library

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    Pixit Bootstrap Dashboard Library

    Hi everyone,

    I have made a little library with a lot of different elements, based on the Pixit bootstrap dashboard. The library has a lot of different elements from buttons to calendar and working sliders and progress bars. All elements are complete with interactions, hover and click style etc. I hope you like it, and please let me know if anything can be improved

    The library uses

    Download the library here --> PixitBootstrapDashboard.rplib

    Image of all elements

    Name:  pixit.jpg
Views: 39509
Size:  255.9 KB

    I have borrowed the slider from Melibrions work.

    (Single slider)
    (Range slider)

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    Isuro (02-06-2015)

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    File corrupted?

    Hi biofryd

    The Pixit Dasboard library sounds really cool. I tried importing it into Axure, but get an error massage that the library is corrupted.

    Is it possible for you to export it again, maybe from the latest version of Axure?


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    Hi hanslamabert,

    There was an issue with files and uploads on the forum earlier today, but we've addressed the problem so that should be fixed now. I tested the .rplib above and was able to open it just now, so hopefully that works for you!

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