The "sidebar" is the instrument panel appearing to the left of your diagrams when the HTML output is viewed in a web browser. It contains features and controls that help you get more value out of your HTML output.


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The Pages pane shows the output's sitemap. Click a page name to open that page's diagram in the main content area.

In the header at the top of the pane, click the "get links" icon to the right of the page name to get a link to the current page. You can choose whether to link to the version of the page with the sidebar or without it. If you include the sidebar, you can configure it by minimizing the sidebar, closing the Pages tab, hiding footnote icons, and/or highlighting interactive elements.

In the header at the top of the section, click the "highlight interactive elements" icon (the last icon on the right) to show a green frame around any widgets that have interactions.

(If adaptive views are enabled in your project, a "select adaptive view" button will be to left of the "get links" icon.)


The Notes pane shows page notes and widget notes. Each widget note is labeled with the name of the widget and name of the notes field.

Click a widget note in the Notes pane to highlight its associated widget in a blue frame.

Use the "back" and "forward" arrow icons at the top of the pane to navigate between pages in the HTML output.

Click the blue footnote icon at the top of the pane, to the right of the navigation arrows, to toggle visibility of widget footnote icons.


The Discuss pane is an Axure Share feature and will only appear in the sidebar when your output is hosted on Axure Share or after you have specifically enabled Axure Share discussions in your output via the Generate HTML dialog. Learn about discussions in the Axure Share training section.


The Console includes information about interactions. The first section shows all variables in the HTML output along with their current values. Click "Reset Variables" to return them all to their default values.

The second section is the interaction trace section, showing a running list of all page and widget interactions that have been fired since the page was loaded in the browser. (These appear as text and are formatted as they are in the Properties tab of the Inspector.) You can click "Clear Trace" to reset the view.


Click a tab to open its corresponding pane in the sidebar. With a pane open, drag its right boundary to resize it. Click the tab of the open pane to close it.

To collapse the sidebar, click the chevron icon at the top. The sidebar will collapse down to show just the chevron icon. When you mouse away, the icon will disappear. Mouse back into the top-left corner of the browser window to make the icon reappear. Click the icon to re-expand the sidebar.

To close the sidebar altogether, click "Close" at the bottom of the sidebar.

You can further configure the sidebar via the HTML Generator.