Introducing Axure RP 10

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New and Improved Features

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View and edit multiple dynamic panel states at once

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Create Error style effects on form fields to more easily show error states

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Apply constraints on widgets when resizing groups so they stretch (or don’t stretch)

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Convert widgets to repeaters and bind data columns to widgets

Upgrade to RP 10

Use a refreshed UI that makes it easier to find what you need

Upgrade to RP 10

Experience improved performance on both Mac and PC and more!

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How to Upgrade

Upgrading as a current subscriber is easy! Just download the latest version of Axure RP and sign in.

For license key holders, RP 10 is only available as a monthly or annual subscription. RP 9 is the last version to be offered as a perpetual license. Among other reasons, this change will allow us to give you more frequent and focused updates. You are still able to use Axure RP 10 offline. 

You can have Axure RP 9 and RP 10 installed simultaneously, so if you want to test out Axure RP 10 but still need to use Axure RP 9 for certain projects, you can do just that. Just keep in mind that files that are created in or upgraded to Axure RP 10 can’t be opened in Axure RP 9, so we recommend saving a backup copy of your RP 9 projects.

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What’s New In RP 10

Dynamic Panels on Display

With Axure RP 10, you can view and edit all states of a dynamic panel side by side in the new All States view. It’s also easier now to hop in and out of panels in context of your designs.

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Rediscover Repeaters

New features to convert widgets to repeaters and bind data columns to widgets make it easier than ever to create data-driven tables and grids. Using new filtering options, you can easily filter repeaters by multiple criteria for more realistic UX prototypes.

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A Nicer Way to Make Forms

With a new Error style effect, built-in common conditions, and improved push/pull and move options, creating realistic, dynamic forms is even easier with RP 10. Use the updated Form Component library that takes advantage of new widget constraints and you’ll be prototyping forms in no time.

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Upgrade to RP 10
Upgrade to RP 10

New Design and Better Performance

We’ve refreshed the UI to make it easier for you to find what you need while staying out of your way. We also upgraded Axure RP to leverage Microsoft .Net Core and Apple Metal to give you more speed for making advanced UX prototypes.
It’s been over 18 years since we started Axure, and UX prototyping is more important now than ever. With RP 10, we wanted to make it even faster for long-time customers to create advanced prototypes and make it easier for new customers to get started. We hope you like it.

– Victor & Martin

RP 10 New Features


New All States View to see and edit all panel states side by side

Start and stop editing panels with a single click

View and edit any panel state without leaving context of canvas

Drag widgets from canvas and drop into any panel state

Drag widgets from any panel state and move out to canvas

View and quickly navigate to parent panels from canvas


Apply constraints to widgets within groups

Ability to pin to left, right, top, bottom, middle or center

Ability to fix width and/or height

Import constraint rules from Sketch, Figma & XD


Ability to customize push/pull distance

Push/pull widgets based on size change of panel

Push/Pull entire groups rather than individual widgets in the group

Move actions can now move all widgets below or to the right of a widget


Ability to select widgets and automatically convert them to a repeater

New feature to intuitively connect widgets to data columns

New floating data editor giving you more space to view and edit data

Automatically resize repeaters items to content including widgets that fit to text

Quickly add sorting with new options to sort alphanumerically and remove other sorts

Add filters with a new, simpler option to select columns and define criteria

Ability to filter by satisfying ANY of the added filters (in addition to ALL)

Smart filter option that enables creating multi-faceted filters

Easier to select filters and sorts to remove

New feature to update data by row numbers

Condition Builder

Easier way to add conditions before actions

Common conditions like “if field is empty” and “if field contains @”

New condition to check whether a widget is in an error state


New Error style effect and “Set Error State” action for form fields

Common conditions like “if field is empty” and “if field contains @”

Ability to trigger interactions when a widget is set to an error state

Checkboxes and radio buttons can be set to fit to text

Option to toggle between the enabled and disabled state of a widget with a single interaction

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