Like PowerPoint, But Built For Designing Mockups

Axure RP puts the power of mockups and prototyping into the hands of UI developers, product managers, and business analysts. Before a single line of code is written, a mockup can prototyped and presented visually.

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PowerPoint Alternative

Quickly Create UI Mockups

Create mockups, wireframes, user interfaces, flows and more. Quickly drag and drop UI elements from built-in or custom pattern libraries to create your mockup. Then, style it with fills, gradients, line styles, and text formatting.
PowerPoint Alternative

Document for Development

Annotate your mockups and prototypes to specify functionality, keep track of tasks, or store project information. Organize your notes into separate fields for different audiences. Choose which notes to present in the HTML or in an auto-generated Word document that includes screenshots.
PowerPoint Alternative

Beyond PowerPoint, Hi-Fi Prototyping

Create simple click-through mockups or highly functional, rich prototypes with conditional logic, dynamic content, animations, math functions, and data-driven interactions without writing a single line of code.

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