Prototypes help you deliver the right solution

From discovery to launch, prototypes help you make informed decisions, uncover new ideas, get better feedback, and keep everyone on track.
Why Prototype

Make informed decisions

Prototypes give you a quick way to explore different ideas and see what works and what doesn’t, making it easy to choose a direction and decide exactly what to build.
  • I used Axure RP’s dynamic panels to test different experiences and see what was working. It was a great feeling to be able to solve different problems while prototyping. – Matan, Product Manager

Discover the best ideas

With prototypes, everyone can engage in the process and are encouraged to share their expertise. Surfacing the best ideas early gives them the best chance of getting built.

  • Axure lets us bring together different experts and capture opinions, so we can bring the best ideas into our products. – Florian, UX Engineer
Why Prototype

Get higher quality feedback

Realistic prototypes give you the opportunity to truly test the solution with users and your team. The feedback is more clear, more productive, and focused on the goal.

  • Since switching to Axure, we’ve been able to get much higher quality user feedback because of the robust prototypes and realistic experience that Axure allows us to create. – Julie, Managing Director
Why Prototype

Keep everyone on the same page

Prototypes provide a common language and a clear objective at every stage of a project. They make it easy for design and development to understand and build the desired solution.

  • When the solution is ready for production, the UX team shares the prototypes with designers and developers to clearly communicate the desired functionality and design. -MedTech UX Team
Why Prototype

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