Axure Widget Libraries

Check out this list of free and premium widget libraries for Axure RP created by our community. For more on how to load and create your own libraries in Axure RP, read the Widget Libraries documentation.

If you have built a library that you would like to share, you can submit your library.

Complete Collections

Axure Themes ($)

Axure themes is a collection of ultra-high fidelity widget libraries and prebuilt templates, allowing you to drag and drop a beautiful website faster than ever.

Humble UX ($)

Humble UX provides ready-made, natively-crafted Axure widget kits with focus on interactions and animations to speed up a designer's prototyping process.

Dynamic Data Visualization Widget Library (Templates + Dynamic Controls + Charts) $

Unlock the power of big data with our BI visualization prototype template! From dynamic controls to stunning charts, our solution offers a comprehensive suite of tools for creating impactful big data dashboards.

Vant UI Widget Library - UI/UX Combined

VantUI: The component library and templates that seamlessly integrate UI/UX. The product is a comprehensive collection of components and templates designed specifically for the latest Vant 4 UI Framework.

Axureboutique ($) MUI Widget Library

MUI offers a comprehensive suite of UI components to help you design new features faster. It is suitable for mobile and desktop application design.

Arco Design Widget Library & Templates ($)

Arco Design System Axure Widget Library and Templates offer UI/UX designers a powerful toolkit to create stunning designs efficiently. Arco Design System, developed by Bytedance, the parent company of TikTok, has gained significant recognition for its ability to streamline the design process.

Ant Design System + Ant Mobile + Templates

For both mobile and desktop prototyping. It also includes common backend templates. Using templates, you can quickly build the backend system.

High-Level Web Widget Library (Components, Templates, Stats, Modules and Apps)

Most components are with dynamic interactions, which are smooth and aesthetic. They can be copied into your project with one click to help you save a lot of time.

Axure UX

Axure Loot ($) offers a collection of goodies for every step of the UX process from initial stakeholder alignment to brainstorming to wireframes. All expertly crafted and lovingly made.

Axure Template

Axemplate ($)

Axemplate offers templates and widget libraries for eCommerce, landing pages, social, iOS, and more.

Axureboutique ($) Widget Libraries Collection

Axureboutique provides pixel perfect widgets with interactive motion effects. Combine UX with UI and greatly speed up test and development process. Make your prototype work like a real app.

Axureboutique ($) Templates Collection

In addition to widget libraries, Axureboutique provides a collection of templates to choose from, which will help you complete projects quickly and efficiently!

Axureboutique ($) Material Design Widget Library (2 and 3 Collection)

We made this library for both mobile and desktop prototyping. It is excellent for you to combine UI and UX designs. It includes Material Design 2 and the latest Material Design 3.

UX/UI Land Widget Libraries

UX/UI Land ($)

UX/UI LAND has the largest collection of user submitted widget libraries and templates. You can share your resource or browse the many free widgets and templates the community has accumulated since 2011.

Digital Market ($)

Digital Market offers a variety of pixel perfect widget libraries with amazing interactions entirely made with Axure RP 9. Libraries use free web fonts and pictures from Pexel or Unsplash. Libraries include Customer Experience Map, Website Home Page, User Flow, Ikonate Icons, and Bloody UI Kit.

Element Wireframes ($)

Element Wireframes is a provider of highly-customizable widget libraries built from the ground up to save you time and jumpstart your design process.

Axure interactive chart widget

Simple & Clean ($)

Simple & Clean offers hand-crafted, interactive widgets that are designed to save you time. Drag and drop tables, repeaters, charts and graphs are just a few of the libraries we offer.

Responsive template

UX UI Guide ($)

UX UI Guide is one-stop solution for all you Axure prototype elements requirement. We offer UI elements, libraries for e-commerce, landing pages and elements for mobile apps.

Axutopia ($)

Axutopia offers widget libraries for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and more. Libraries can be purchased individually or in a bundle with lifetime updates.

Axure Market ($)

Axure Market has a collection of comprehensive and well-crafted free and premium Axure widget libraries and templates. We have calendars, mobile, eCommerce, bootstrap, and many more widget libraries in our market.

Free Axure Wireframe Kit

The Fora Soft ready-to-use wireframe templates are concise and flexible enough to be applied to different kinds of systems, such as iOS, Android, VR, web, and video conferencing.

Business App and Modeling Libraries

Salesforce Lightning Design System

The Salesforce Lightning Design System includes the UX resources to create user interfaces consistent with the Salesforce Lightning principles, design language, and best practices.

Axure Dashboard Template

A single dashboard landing page built in Axure RP for a portal platform. Fully customizable and editable in Axure RP. Provided free by Humbleux.

IBM Carbon Axure Kit

Rapidly create prototypes in Axure RP based on the guidelines and components of IBM’s open-source design system. With the high-fidelity, interactive widgets and detailed documentation, you have everything you need to get started building digital products and experiences.

SAP Fiori

Design stencils are ready to use and state-of-the-art drafts of SAP Fiori layouts, patterns and controls. You are welcome to use the design stencils to visualize your SAP Fiori app ideas in Axure. They are easy to use and give you a realistic impression of your final design.

Salesforce ($)

The Axure Salesforce widget library has arrived! 193 remarkably interactive widgets, meticulously crafted pixel by pixel from the Lightning Design System CSS.

Charts.js ($)

Create a chart or graph faster and easier than ever with the Charts.js Axure widget library. Flexible and straightforward data visualizations for UX designers and anyone else who uses Axure.


Official Axure Library for Covelant

Covalent is a UI Platform that combines design language and a web framework, built on Angular 2.0 & Angular-Material (Design). It will give you a quickstart to build a modern web application UI and ensure consistency across Teradata products.

BPMN Widgets

BPMN Widgets is a free library for Axure RP 8. Use this library to model business processes in Axure. BPMN Widgets was developed using only internal Axure features, especially the Pen component.

Windows 10 Widget Library ($)

Axure Windows 10 Widget Library for UWP apps. Based on the Fluent Design System. Hundreds of pixel perfect widgets in both light and dark themes.

Interactive Charts

Interactive Charts is a collection of fully functional chart widgets. The user is able to change the chart values dynamically. Thus, very realistic prototypes are possible.

Icon Widget Libraries

FontAwesome 6 Axure Widget Library (Free)

Font Awesome 6 Axure widget library includes all the brand icons, regular icons, and solid icons that are available in the free version. Now you can create amazing icon-packed prototypes with the help of the Font Awesome 6 Axure widget library by Axure Market.

Font Awesome

Created by Axure. This library includes all icons from the Font Awesome V5.5.0 Library. This library uses web fonts with instructions included with download.

Icomoon Free Icon Library

Created by Svetlin Denkov (light_forger). This library includes 490 icons found in IcoMoon's Free icon pack. The library supports V7's ability to use webfonts. In the .rplib you will find instructions for setup and use of the library and webfont. The glyphs have been successfully tested on variety of mobile devices.

Google Material Design Icon Font

Easy access to all the icons from Google’s Material Design icon font. Click & drag, scale and color icons easily in your prototype. Using font icons reduces prototype file size and load time. All icons are included, and library will be updated regularly. Make sure to also download the icon font so you can view and use the widgets in the library.

Entypo Icons

Created by Karine Cardona. This library is based on the Entypo Icon set and includes over 200 icons in black & white. Updated for Axure RP 7 to use svg file format and with 14 new icons. The image default size 36 x 36px, is convenient use in responsive and mobile design projects.

Font Awesome Axure Library

FontAwesome icon font for Axure 7+ with 400+ icons.

Feather Icons

Simply beautiful open source icons based on Feather icons.

Mobile Widget Libraries

High-Level Mobile Data Visualization Templates & Library ($)

High-Level Mobile Data Visualization Templates & Library is a premium-grade product visualization prototype. Crafted with precision, this template is tailored to meet the diverse needs of product development across various domains.

High-Level Mobile Widget Library (Components, Templates, Stats, Modules and Apps) $

A comprehensive solution offers a wide range of dynamic components and templates with smooth and aesthetic interactions, allowing you to enhance your projects effortlessly.

IONIC Widget Library V6+V7 Collection

The Ionic Widget Library V6 + V7 is a comprehensive collection of widgets designed specifically for the Ionic V6 framework and V7 framework. It offers both iOS and Android versions, providing a unified experience across platforms.

iOS 17 Widget Library

The Axure iOS 17 widget library is a comprehensive design resource created specifically for Axure RP 10, following the official iOS design guidelines. It aims to assist designers and developers in rapidly prototyping iOS applications with a high level of accuracy.

iPhone Frames Widget Library

Bring your mobile prototypes to life with the new iPhone Frames Axure Widget library by Axure Market. With a range of unique designs, you can easily customize your creations and create stunning visuals for mobile applications. Get ahead of the game and dazzle your users with these beautiful frames, saving time and money in the process.

Axureboutique iOS 16 Widget Library ($)

This product is the widget library of the latest iOS 16 system, which is very helpful for you to quickly build apps and webpages based on mobile devices.

iOS 15 Axure Widgets Library ($)

UI/UX Space offers great pixel perfect widget libraries and templates with native Axure widgets. All well-crafted, named, organized to make your prototypes better.

iOS 14 Axure Widget Library ($)

The iOS 14 Axure widget library has arrived. Pixel perfect widgets built to spec using Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. Smartly crafted and well organized, most components and icons are completely vector and fully editable.

iPhone, Galaxy, and Pixel Mockups

Six iPhone mockups, three Samsung Galaxy templates, and four Google Pixel mockups to house your wireframes. Plus six status bar widgets for Android and IOS mobile devices and three sets of mobile browser headers and toolbars. Provided free by Humbleux.

Mobile Flowchart Kit ($)

This Axure kit contains ready-to-use mobile UI artifacts for illustrating a model workflow, sitemap or process.

Apple Watch Kit ($)

30 widgets for rapid prototyping of User interface designs for Apple Watch applications.

Axure iPhone Mockups

Six Axure iPhone line mockups to showcase your wireframes. You can use this Axure widget kit to play out your user flows or journey but still be platform specific when presenting to client or your team.

Web Design Pattern Libraries

Bootstrap 5 Axure Widget Library

Create Axure prototypes faster using the Bootstrap 5 widget library for Axure. This library consists of all the extensive components, forms, and controls that are available in Bootstrap 5. This bootstrap 5 axure widget library is compatible with Axure RP 9 and 10.

Bootstrap 5 Widget Library

Quickly design and customize responsive sites with Bootstrap, the world's popular design system.

Landing Page Axure Widget Library

Are you ready to take your landing page design to the next level? With the Landing Page Axure Widget Library, you can create stunning, responsive landing pages with ease. Our library includes all the widgets you need for a professional and eye-catching landing page that stands out from the crowd.

Semantic UI Axure Widget Library

Get your prototype to the next level with Semantic UI Axure Widget library. With this library, you can easily create stunning user interfaces for any project with Semantic UI components.

Login Forms Axure Widget Library

Make your login module stand out from the rest and create the ultimate user experience with the Login Forms Axure Widget library from Axure Market. Our library is packed with state-of-the-art widgets to help you design a beautiful and secure login module.

Popup Axure Widget Library (Free)

Get amazing ready-to-use popups for any web prototype and customize it to fit your design style. Create beautiful, interactive popup designs that engage users and drive conversions with the power of Popups Axure widget Library by Axure Market.

United States Web Design System ($)

United States Web Design System (USDWS) Axure widget library and templates UI kit. Built to perfectly match the USDWS design system for public sector and government websites.

Login Forms, Pricing Tables, and More

Eight login/sign in forms and eight signup forms. Plus seven pricing table widgets, six newsletter signup forms, and eight desktop notifications for websites and desktop applications. Provided free by Humbleux.

Fashion Store Template

This Axure RP template kit contains 2 sitemaps and 15 store pages for an ecommerce brand. Fully editable and customizable, this template will help speed up project work about ecommerce. Provided free by Humbleux.

Store Widget Library

Quality widget library for wireframing and prototyping a responsive store web project with screens for desktop, mobile and tablet.

Blog Widget Library

Quality widget library for wireframing and prototyping a responsive blog web project with screens for desktop, mobile and tablet.

Foundation 6 ($)

Based on the new Foundation 6 release from Zurb, this UI kit widget library features 110 meticulously crafted widgets and 6 amazing starter templates ready to go for your next prototype.

Semantic UI Kit ($)

Axure RP 9 widget library created by following themes and guidelines of Semantic-ui widgets. More than 150 interactive widgets. Library works only with Axure RP 9.

Responsive UI Widget Library

Start producing responsive Axure wireframes in no time with this Responsive Axure UI Kit featuring over 100+ responsive UI widgets.

Bootstrap 4 ($)

The most comprehensive Bootstrap widget library ever assembled. 231 meticulously crafted widgets and modules styled directly from Bootstrap's CSS.

WPAX ($)

WPAX is a collection of WordPress admin UI components including standard styles and behaviors. It is can be used with the WPAX template to quickly prototype custom WordPress admin pages.

Design Kit Axure Library

An Axure widget library containing 48 common UI patterns in desktop, web and mobile app design. The library contains widget icons at both 28x28 and 56x56 and is consistent with Axure default style.

Material Design Axure Library

This is an Axure widget library based on Google Material Design.

Ultimate Wireframe Kit

The most comprehensive Axure wireframe kit ever assembled. 202 pages for your next wireframing project.

Foundation UI Kit ($)

Created by Ole Fredrik Lie. Library of more than 90 high-quality widgets based off the Foundation 5 theme by Zurb.

Miscellaneous Libraries

High-Level Visual Chart V1.0

The High-Level Visual Chart V1.0 component library provides a rich array of visual elements to make your prototypes more vivid and exquisite. This library is meticulously crafted by professionals, ensuring that each component is designed with pixel-perfect precision for flawless visual effects.

Car UI Widget Library

Speed up the app prototyping process for cars. Widgets comply with Google Design for Driving and adapted Material Design 2 & 3 guidelines for automotive context.

Flowchart Axure Widget Library

Do you want to showcase your or your client’s business processes in Axure prototypes? Look no further than Flowchart Axure Widget Library. With the help of this library, you can quickly create professional flowcharts for any use case in Axure RP.

Screen Flow Library ($)

Design interactions with this library! You can select from the most common screens to create good looking screen flows.

Dashboard Widgets

Dashboard Widgets is a free library for Axure RP 8. As the widgets were developed using the repeater and pen tools, the colors and widget sizes can be changed easily and without loss of quality.

Persona Kit ($)

An Axure Persona template kit for your mobile and website projects. This first volume contains layout patterns for your persona presentation along with user journeys.

Social Links Kit

Axure Social Media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Share, Like, Recommended and Follow buttons included.

Website Flowchart Kit ($)

This Axure kit contains customizable web page widgets for modelling a sitemap or flowchart.

Golden Grid ($)

Design with naturally beautiful proportions! Get the Golden Grid Library. Created by Pål Eirik Paulsen.