Prototype and Plan as a Team

With Axure RP 9 Team, multiple people can create diagrams, build prototypes, and explore designs in a single Axure RP 9 file at the same time. Co-authoring in Axure RP 9 Team gives you a simple and safe way to explore ideas and contribute when ready for more intentional collaboration.

Freedom to Innovate

Check out pages and other assets to make changes to them in Axure RP 9 Team. Checking out a page lets your team know what you’re working on while giving you room to try new ideas privately.
  • Visibility into who is working on what
  • Work offline after checking out assets
  • Intelligent merging of styles and adaptive views

Share When
You’re Ready

Once you’re ready to share, check in your work and keep the collaboration flowing. Add check-in notes about what you changed & why you changed it.

  • Check In notes to keep track of changes
  • Review or restore past designs
  • Choose when to import your team’s latest updates

Managing the Collaboration

With Axure RP 9 Team and Axure Cloud, everyone can keep up-to-date with the project. Whether you’re working side by side or time zones apart, you can operate as a team.
  • Daily summary of activities
  • Version history of all check-ins
  • Axure Cloud options for your security needs

Gather feedback, build consensus

Share prototypes with anyone with live URL, or invite users to a private workspace to collaborate. Gather comments directly on screen with context. Integrate 3rd party testing services into your prototypes to get real-world feedback on proposed solutions.
  • On-screen comments and feedback
  • Mark comments as resolved
  • Notifications via Email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams

“Axure allows us to test everything, even the most complex use cases. Our prototypes look and act like the real thing.”

JULIE Managing Director, User Experience Lab

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