Tutorials & Reference

Learn the basics of prototyping in Axure RP or get into the nitty gritty of working with widgets, masters, interactions, and more.

Ready to get your hands dirty? Build your first prototypes by following our example-based tutorials.

More of a visual learner? Check out the Axure YouTube channel to watch all of our video tutorials.

Get help installing and activating Axure RP on Windows and Mac. This is also where you'll find information on managing your Axure licenses.

Set your team up with version controlled projects that support easy collaboration with check-ins and check-outs.

Learn the ins and outs of publishing prototypes to Axure Cloud. Share your prototypes with teammates and stakeholders, collect feedback, and more.


A collection of widget libraries and templates (free and paid) to load into your copy of Axure RP and get a jump on your next project.

A list of Axure trainers from around the world that provide a variety of Axure RP training services.

Meetups are a great way to meet other Axure professionals, recruit for you team, and learn new skills. Here is a list of some Axure meetups around the world.

Video courses created by Axure customers. Learn from Axure enthusiasts working in the field.

We're proud to support the user experience, business analysis, product management, and software development communities. Here are a few of the events and organizations that we have sponsored recently.

Join the Axure user forum to get advice on how to prototype your perfect solution or to share your expertise with the community.

We’re here to help

When you send an email to support@axure.com, your case is assigned to a product specialist who will work with you until the case is resolved.

Specialists are here from 2am to 6pm Pacific. Please email first so we can review your file, send back examples or links, and work with our team to provide a more thorough answer. Then, we can schedule a call if needed.

To make things faster:

  • Submit any bug reports that pop up within Axure RP with your email
  • Attach a copy of the RP file you’re working on
  • Include the name of the relevant page and widget
  • Provide an example or description of what you’re trying to build
  • Tell us which version of Axure RP is installed
  • Tell us which operating system you are running
  • Describe what happened before the error or how to repeat it
  • Attach screenshots or videos
  • For Team Projects, let us know if you’re working behind a firewall or proxy server, or if you’re using a VPN

Sometimes it’s urgent! If it is, please use the word “urgent” in the subject line.

Contact our support team: support@axure.com