Trademark Guidelines

Axure has been in business for over eighteen years, providing software solutions for wireframing and prototyping.  We provide solutions to over 90% of the Fortune 100.  Accordingly, our brands are extremely valuable to us.  We take pride in our products and our brands and have ensured that they are adequately protected worldwide.  It is important to us to ensure our company trademarks are properly displayed and remain undiluted.  

We want to ensure that our products and brand names are associated with our own products and are not confused with products manufactured, distributed or sold by someone else.  Our customers expect excellent products to be associated with our brands.  We know the power of branding, so we make sure that we are consistent when using our names and logos.  The more consistent our branding, the more recognized we are in the market.  

It is extremely important that we avoid potential conflicts that may arise when similar brands are used in the market. We understand that if your brand is not clearly differentiated, confusion is created and customers may not know the source of the products they are purchasing.   In order to help, we have set forth our trademark usage guidelines below.  


As mentioned above, our brands are very important to us.  We have invested into choosing the right words, logos, and color schemes and then marketing and promoting them so that our customers recognize our brands as the source of our goods and services.  Our brands include words and logos, including, but not limited to AXURE, AXURE RP, AXSHARE, AXURE CLOUD, the X Logo, and others (our “Trademarks”).  This is not an exhaustive list as we update our brands from time to time.  

In many cases, we have applied or registered the Trademarks in the United States and in other countries as well.  We have taken these steps to ensure that we have exclusive use of our Trademarks so that our customers, partners, and the community always knows when a product or service comes from us.  We monitor the use of our Trademarks to ensure that only those authorized are using them and that their use is consistent with these guidelines.  If we find any violation of the guidelines or if we believe that use of a brand may create confusion or dilute our rights, we will take appropriate action.

In order to maintain this consistency, it is important that you abide by our guidelines and use our Trademarks accordingly. First, in order to use our Trademarks, you need to obtain written permission from us.  Once you have permission, you must obtain the Trademark logos and color schemes from us so that we can ensure consistency.  Again, our Trademarks must be used without modification, and must follow our usage guidelines (below).   If you have any questions about how to obtain permission or a copy of our official Trademarks, please do not hesitate to reach out.


To our Customers:    We encourage use of our Trademarks to properly refer to our products, for example, in your website, blog, news article, or product review.  As long as your use is unmodified and consistent with these guidelines, you do not need to ask for our written consent.  Please ensure that your use does not cause deception or a likelihood of confusion as to source or relationship.

To our Vendors and Partners:  Through our relationship and agreements, our vendors and partners may have permission to use our Trademark in furtherance of our relationship, provided that use of our Trademarks is unmodified and in accordance with these guidelines.   Again, it is very important that there be no deception or a likelihood of confusion as to source or sponsorship.


What’s OK: 

It’s ok to include references to our trademarks in word format (Axure, for example) in informational, referential context or to indicate compatibility with Axure’s offerings, with reference to Axure’s word trademarks as adjectives, such as “Axure™ software”.  

When using our Trademarks, it’s important that you use proper attribution, e.g., ™, as appropriate.

When using our logo Trademarks, please make sure that you have written authorization and that you obtain the logo from us to ensure that it duplicates correctly.  Our logos are distinctive and cannot be modified or combined with any other word or design.  

What’s Not OK:  

If we don’t have a business connection, please do not imply or suggest sponsorship, endorsement, license, partnership, affiliation, preference, or other connection with Axure or our products 

Please do not use our Trademarks in a way that is likely to cause confusion among our customers or may diminish the goodwill we’ve created and grown in our Trademarks.

Please do not adopt or use any company names or brands that include our Trademarks as that would cause confusion to our customers.

When using our trademarks, please don’t modify or use it as a noun, verb or possessive.  Examples of misuse include, “the AXURE”, “to AXURE the project”, or “AXURE’s features include…”  


We provide authorization to use our Trademarks (as long as such use is consistent with our guidelines) to promote our products and our relationships.   This permission does not extend to claiming rights in the Trademarks or filing for trademark registration protection.  Please do not apply or register for our Trademarks (including our logos, a combination of words including our names or logos, as well as anything confusingly similar to our names or logos).


Your domain name should not include any of our Trademarks.   Use of our Trademarks as a part of your domain causes unnecessary confusion.  Also, please do not copy and paste our website content into your website without consent.  We worked hard to create and take pride in our artwork, screenshots, imagery, and other content on our website.  Please make sure that the content in your website(s) are your own and do not include our materials.  The “look” and “feel” of our website is unique and should not be used, duplicated, “borrowed”, or reproduced without our prior written authorization.  Any unauthorized use is a violation of our copyrights. 

Additional Terms:  Depending on your relationship with Axure, additional terms and limitations may apply to your use of our Trademarks.  Please review your agreement with Axure for any additional limitations that may apply to the use of our Trademarks.   If you have any questions about the use of our Trademarks, please contact us at